Book Reviewing, Baby & Life, ‘Silly’ Pursuits, Revisiting Blog Goals

It has been a bit of time since my last post, so I feel in some way obligated to fill readers in on my absence.


I wrote a brief review of C.D.C. Reeve’s Action, Contemplation, and Happiness for Englewood Review of Books. I highly suggest this book to those who are serious students of Aristotle, otherwise you may get way too bogged down in Aristotelian minutiae.

Today I received in the mail a copy of Jeffrey Bishop’s The Anticipatory Corpse. I hope to be reviewing this in the near future, again for Englewood Review. I am excited to begin book reviewing with some regularity and will hopefully be expanding into more areas, i.e. poetry.


The past few weeks have been an occasion of preparation and increased work load. I have begun a part time job helping the Vanderbilt Divinity Library process a gift from a soon to be retiring professor. This has been helpful financially, and perhaps even career wise as I try to get SOME kind of library experience while I pursue this MTS degree.

Preparation has been increasing for some time as my wife and I are expecting any day now. We do not know the gender, but we have some names picked out for either gender. I am looking forward to being a father and opening up this world to this child. Anyone who has already assumed the mantle of fatherhood, please direct any stories or advice my way. The Greeson party is about to start.

In other recent news, my wife and I had a splendid visit with the ever gregarious Aaron Taylor and his wife and sister. Besides Aaron’s genial nature, he has also been on a rampage in the blogosphere. I have found the most recent post on Maritain and Dionysius on poetic knowledge to be quite applicable to my recent forays.

‘Silly’ Pursuits

I have a condition of severe dissipation when it comes to disciplined and focused reading. I have almost finished Dante’s Inferno, as provided by Anthony Esolen. I can honestly say this will be the first real time I have read the entire work from first canto to last. I gave up in high school, despite my love for it, and I only got into the upper teens canto wise a few years ago. I am enjoying Dante immensely this time around and was lucky enough to stumble upon Esolen’s translations of the rest of the Commedia.

I have also been spending time with more modern poetry. I have been enjoying the incredibly hilarious essays of Randall Jarrell, a fellow Nashvillian, the work of John Hollander and even the philosophical poetics of Maritain. Beyond these I have been enjoying the poetry of Derek Walcott, Geoffrey Hill, and R.S. Thomas. My general idea is to read through Thomas and Hill’s corpus in order to maybe write my MTS thesis on something involving theology, theodicy, and modern poetry. In that vein I have also been reading Hill’s essays (which seem to mirror Cavell in style?) and some folks’ works on R.S. Thomas.


As you may already have seen from visiting the blog, I have done a bit of “summer cleaning”. I will be blogging in a bit about the header change.

I am going to go ahead and incorporate into this blog my meanderings into poetry and literature. I just can’t keep them separated. So this blog will deviate from its original goal. Now, I will more fully explore what is actually coming across my desk and not blip in and out of existence on this blog as I read specifically “theological” works.